January 19, 2021

How to Apply Epoxy to Your Concrete Floor

Looking for a great covering option for your old concrete floor, and decided that the epoxy is going to be the best way to go for you? This is a great choice, as epoxy flooring will last you for several years with the right maintenance schedule and taking good care of it.

Thankfully, applying epoxy to your floor is quite simple as well. You can either choose to hire epoxy flooring in Maryland professionals to take care of the job for you, or you can make it a DIY project, saving you some money and giving you something you can work on.

If you decide to go the DIY route, follow these simple steps to get your epoxy in place and get your floor looking great again!

Clean Your Floor First

Before you begin thinking about applying your epoxy, you should first ensure your concrete floor is thoroughly cleaned and ready for application. Sweep up any loose debris that may be on your floor and give it a thorough mopping to ensure it is ready. Once you have given it time to dry, you’re ready to move onto the actual application of your epoxy.

epoxy flooring in Maryland

Mix Up Your Epoxy

Follow the instructions that came with your epoxy coating to mix it together. You can work to make sure it is completely blended together by pouring your mixed-up epoxy into another bucket and give it one more thorough mixing (this is known as power-mixing).

Apply the Epoxy

Using a paint roller, you can now go ahead and begin applying your epoxy. You can do it roughly the same way you would apply paint to the floor, taking it slow and making sure you cover all of your floor. When you have finished with the first coat, give it some time to dry, and go back over it again with one more coating for optimal appearance and coverage.

It’s that simple! Follow these steps, and you can transform your garage floor dramatically by turning it into a weekend DIY project. Take good care of your new epoxy coating, and it should serve you well for a long time to come.

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